Volume 59, Issue 1

Research Paper p. 1

Tamarind Seed Polyose : A Potential Polysaccharide For Sustained Release Of Verapamil Hydrochloride As a Model Drug

D Kulkarni, A. K Dwivedi, J. P. S Sarin, S Singh

Research Paper p. 8

Synthesis And Antiinflammatory Activity Of Schiff Bases Of Mesalazine

P Jayasekhar, S. B Rao, G Santhakumari

Research Paper p. 13

Amylase Immobilised In Water-In-Oil-In-Water Based liquid Surfactant Membrane

Shobhna Singh, C. P Jain, S. P Vyas

Research Paper p. 18

Direct Spectrophotometric Analysis Of Glipizide And Phenformin Hydrochloride In Pharmaceutical Dosage Forms

P. N Phalke, A. V Sherikar, P. M Dhadke

Research Paper p. 22

Mutation Induced Bioproduction Of Glycyrrhetinic Acid From Callus Culture Of Glycyrrhiza Glabra Linn

M. K Tailang, M. D Kharya, V. K Dixit

Short Communication p. 26

Chloramphenicol - Induced In Vitro Bioproduction Of Hyoscyamine From Datura Stramonium Linn And Datura Innoxia Mill

M. K Tailang, R. K Ray, M. D Kharya

Short Communication p. 29

Simultaneous Estimation Of Captopril And Hydrochlorothiazide In Two Component Tablets By Ultra Violet Absorption Spectrophotometry

A Sachan, D. K Jain, P Trivedi

Short Communication p. 32

Evaluation Of Spherical Crystallization As A Particle Size Enlargement Technique For Aspirin

M. C Deshpande, K. R Mahadik, A. P Pawar, A. R Paradkar

Short Communication p. 34

Structural Education Of Columbin, A Diterpene Isolated From The Rhizomes Of Artisfolochia Albida

M. K Choudhury, A. K Haruna, E. C Johnson, P. J Houghton

Short Communication p. 37

Determination Of Acetaminophen In Presence Of Codeine In Pharmaceutical Formulations By Derivative Spectrophotometry

J Hanaee

Short Communication p. 39

Saccharification Studies Of Lignocellulosic Biomass From Antigonum Leptopus Linn

S Hari Krishna, Y Prabhakar, R Jaganadha Rao

Short Communication p. 42

Effect Of Isoxsuprine Hydrochloride On Onset Of Labour In Pregnant Rats

M. M Kodgule, C. L Viswananthan, S. B Moodbidri, G Vanage