Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences(0250-474X),, is the official scientific publication of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. It started in 1939 as the Indian Journal of Pharmacy. The journal is published Bimonthly. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Volume 81, Issue 5 Inhibition of Quorum Sensing in iPseudomonas aeruginosai A Review R. Ghosh*, A. Das and S. Mallik Technological Potential of Antimicrobial Peptides a Systematic Review E. Machado, Jane Gelinski*, C. M. Baratto, E. M. Borges, Vania A. Vicente, Mariana M. F. Nascimento and G. G. Fonseca Cytotoxicity Studies of the Chemical Constituents from Marine Algae iChara balticai V. B. Tatipamula*, K. N. Killari, K. Prasad, G. S. N. K. Rao, M. R. Talluri, Shyamala Vantaku, Deepika Bilakanti and Nallapaty Srilakshmi Enhancement of the Dissolution Rate of Indomethacin by Solid Dispersions in Lowsubstituted Hydroxypropyl Cellulose Estefania Tascon-Otero, Paloma Torre-Iglesias*, J. J. Garcia-Rodriguez, M. Angeles Pena and Covadonga Alvarez-Alvarez Renal Cortical Structural Alterations in Atorvastatintreated Rats and the Possible Protective Mechanisms of LCarnitine Sahar Youssef* and Marwa Salah Taste Masking of Levofloxacin by Microparticulate System Using Emulsion Solvent Evaporation Technique Nazia Hassan, Sumera Latif*, Hafsa Afzal, N. Abbas, Suriya Naheed, Rabia Khokar and A. Shah Antiinflammatory Activity of Triazine Thiazolidinone Derivatives Molecular Docking and Pharmacophore Modeling R. S. Shinde*, V. H. Masand and M. K. Patil Protective Effect of Ethanol Extract of Roots of iTetracera akarai Burm f Merr on Carbon Tetrachlorideinduced Hepatic Injury in Wistar Rats R. R. Nair, S. R. Suja*, V. Vilash, A. L. Aneeshkumar, S. Rajasekharan and B. S. Biju Kumar Anti and Promelanogenic Activity of Oxidized and Nonoxidized iPiper betlei Leaf Extract on B16F1 Melanoma Cells H. E. Chiu, V. J. Wu, Y. C. Shen, K. Venkatakrishnan and C. K. Wang* Disposition and Biocompatibility of Dextrincoated Cadmium Sulphide Nanoparticles after a Single Dose and Multiple Doses in Rats Gerardo Gonzalez De La Cruz, Rocio Gomez-Cansino, Patricia Rodriguez-Fragoso, Paola Jaimeschavez, Ana L. Barbosa-Rayo, Jorge Reyes-Esparza, Lourdes Rodriguez-Fragoso* Preference of Herbal Therapies Cost of Illness and Cost Benefit Analysis for Major Diseases in the City of Karachi Pakistan S. M. Ahmad*, I. Azhar, Darakhshan Masroor and Nadia Ahmed Studies of Two Pigment Producing Halophilic Bacteria from Karnataka Mangrove Soil S. R. Sahoo*, D. Goli and B. Maringanti Identification of Silver Nanoparticleshaping iTridax procumbensi Phytoconstituent by Theoretical Simulation and Experimental Correlation N. Irfan and A. Puratchikody* Early Empiric Antibiotic Deescalation in Suspected Early Onset Neonatal Sepsis N. A. Ibrahim, M. Makmor Bakry, K. C. See, N. A. Mohd. Tahir and N. Mohamed Shah* Effect of iDanggui Sinii Decoction on the Behaviour and Dorsal Root Ganglion TRP Channel of Neuropathic Pain in CCI Rats D. Zhang, D. Chen, Shengsuo Ma, Wenyan Bian, F. Xie, Meina Huang, Haoming Lin, Qianxing Zhan and G. Zhao* Impact of Smoking and Alcohol Consumption on Oxidative Status in Male Infertility and Sperm Quality Shalaka S. Ramgir and V. G. Abilash* Genotypic Variation in Pharmacological Potential of Seed Extracts of Cumin iCuminum cyminumi L Genotypes Dolly Agarwal, S. N. Saxena*, P. N. Dubey, B. K. Mishra and K. Kantand G. Lal Nutritional Phytochemical and Antioxidant Analysis of Bee Bread from Different Regions of Malaysia Z. A. Othman, Liza Noordin, Wan Syaheedah Wan Ghazali, Norsuhana Omar and Mahaneem Mohamed* Dextrinized Maize StarchMaize Starch Combination as Exclusive Fillers in Tablet Manufacture S. Sabalingam*, G. H. G. U. Apsara Dharmawansha, M. D. J. Wijayabandara, M. A. Siriwardhene and W. Pathirana Dietinduced Alterations in Pharmacokinetics of Cefuroxime Axetil in Healthy Chinese Subjects Ying Wang, Lin Fan, Y. Cheng, K. Huang and Hongwei Fan* iIn vitroi and iin silicoi Analysis to Identify Novel Lead Compound from iMorinda tinctoriai fruit Against Breast Cancer A. Praveena*, S. Arthi and B. Sudarmathi Evaluation of Antimicrobial Antioxidant and Cytotoxic Activities of iDialium cochinchinensisi Seed Extract L. T. K. Bui, Q. T. Nguyen, L. M. Dao, H. L. Nguyen, M. V. Lam and C. T. Hoang *