Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences(0250-474X),, is the official scientific publication of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. It started in 1939 as the Indian Journal of Pharmacy. The journal is published Bimonthly. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Volume 81, Issue 3 Analytical Methods for Standardization of Ayurvedic iAsavasi and iAristasi A Review C. Das, G. Ghosh, A. Bose and D. Das* Carriers for Prodrug Synthesis A Review Preeti P. Mehta*, A. R. Chabukswar and Swati C. Jagdale Delaying Effect of Polyherbal Formulation on Cataract in STZNICinduced Diabetic Wistar Rats K. K. Mali*, Sucheta S. Ligade and R. J. Dias Phenolic Constituents with Antioxidant and Antiviral Activities from iPhyllanthus urinariai Linnea Q. P. Liang, C. Wu, T. Q. Xu, X. Y. Jiang, G. D. Tong, C. S. Wei and G. X. Zhou* Relationship between Dopamine and Serotonin on the Effect of iGinkgo bilobai Extract in the Treatment of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder in Rodents J. Chimakurthy*, T. E. G. K. Murthy and P. V. Diwan Design of Novel Antimycobacterial Molecule Targeting Shikimate Pathway of iMycobacterium tuberculosisi P. Sivaranjani, V. Umakanth Naik, N. Ravina Madhulitha, K. Sudheer Kumar, P. Chiranjeevi, Sharon Priya Alexander and A. Umamaheswari* High Efficient Extraction of Tryptophan Using Deep Eutectic Solventbased Aqueous Biphasic Systems Yanhong Chao, H. Ding, J. Peng, Yan Jin, X. Li, H. Chang, W. Jiang, Guangying Chen, C. Han and W. Zhu* Hydrogen Sulfide Promotes Proliferation of HT29 Colon Cancer Cells in a Mitochondriaindependent Pathway A. Kumarasamy and G. A. Kurian* Antioxidant Potential and Antitumour Activities of iNendrani Banana Peels in Breast Cancer Cell Line P. S. Kumar* S. Durgadevi, A. Saravanan and S. Uma Synergistic Therapeutic Strategy of Dual Drugloaded Lipid Polymer Hybrid Nanoparticles for Breast Cancer Treatment T. H. Tran, Hanh Thuy Nguyen, C. S. Yong, D. H. Truong* and J. O. Kim* Formulation of Tablets Containing Glimepirideloaded Mesoporous Silica Particles CH. TCH. Voycheva*, B. Tzankov, D. G. Tzankova, K. I. Avramova and K. P. Yoncheva Effect of API on Powder Flowability Direct Compression and Properties of Orally Disintegrating Tablets A Preformulation Study M. J. Nachajski, A. Bazela, M. Zarzycka, A. Broszczyk, A. Kolba and M. K. Kolodziejczyk* Neuroprotective Potential of Dimethyl Fumarateloaded Polymeric Nanoparticles against Multiple Sclerosis Smriti Ojha*, Babita Kumar and Hina Chadha Fabrication and Characterization of Selfmicroemulsifying Mouth Dissolving Film for Effective Delivery of Piroxicam Seema Pattewar*, V. Pande, D. Patil and S. Sharma Epididymal Toxicity Associated with Vincristine Treatment T. Sonawane*, S. Azaz, K. Hemant and T. Liji Antiinflammatory Activity of Wheat Grass Fortified with Cow Urine Distillate K. N. Killari*, K. Prasad, M. R. Talluri, Y. K. Bokam, S. R. Nadiminti and C. S. Kommavari Methanol extract of iSolanum nigrumi Induces Autophagy and Apoptosis in MDAMB468 Breast Cancer Cells A. Shirkavad, Zahra N. Borojeni and S. E. Aleyasin* Antiinflammatory Effects of Korean Propolis in Lipopolysaccharidestimulated RAW 2647 Macrophages and PMAinduced Mouse Ear Edema S. H. Kim, M. O. Kim, E. K. Kim and K. R. Kim* iIn silicoi and Mass Spectrometric Characterization of Hpa2ACOKan ternary complex of MDR iAcinetobacter baumanniii Jyoti S. Tomar and R. V. Hosur* Wound Healing Related Biological Activities and Chemical Composition of Absolute from iHemistepta lyratai Bunge Flower D. I. Hwang, K. J. Won, D. Y. Kim, H. B. Kim, Y. Li, S. M. Park, I. H. Choi and H. M. Lee* iIn silicoi Antidiabetic Screening of Borapetoside C Cordifolioside A and Magnoflorine P. Khanal*, B. K. Mandar, B. M. Patil and K. K. Hullatti Drug Prescription Patterns in Osteoarthris Patients in a Tertiary Care Hospital in China F. Wang, Yijun Wang, H. Xing, Limin Xu, Y. Zhou* Free Radical Scavenging and Anticollagenase Properties of Sargachromanol I from iMyagropsis myagroidesi K. B. W. R. Kim, M. J. Kim, S. M. Jeong and D. H. Ahn* Structural Insights Behind Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase 1B Inhibitory Activity of Diospyrin S. Bawazeer, A. Rauf, A. Shahidullah, A. P. Mishra*, I. Faraone,*, L. Milella,, K. Ullah, G. Uddin, I. Khan, S. Patel And Z. A. Shah GCMS Analysis of Ethanol Extract of iTaxithelium napalensei Schwaerg Broth along with its alphaGlucosidase Inhibitory Activity V. B. Tatipamula*, K. N. Killari, K. V. Gopaiah and Alekhya Ketha