Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences(0250-474X),, is the official scientific publication of the Indian Pharmaceutical Association. It started in 1939 as the Indian Journal of Pharmacy. The journal is published Bimonthly. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences Volume 85, Issue 1 Traditional Uses Phytochemistry and Pharmacological Activities of emWoodfordia fruticosaem L Kurz A Comprehensive Review Simran Giri, G. Dey, R. Sahu, Paramita Paul, G. Nandi and T. K. Dua* Nanocochleates and DrugPhospholipid Complex Novel Approaches for Phospholipid Based Oral Delivery of AntiCancer Agents K. Mulrajani, N. Rajnani and N. Kurup* Biosynthesis Characterization and Evaluation of Antimicrobial Antioxidant and Antiproliferiative Activities of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles Using emStreptomycesem KBR3 J. Samuel, M. M. Selvam, K. Manigundan, Baskaran Abirami, S. Thangavel and R. K. Manikkam* Effects of Jatrorrhizine on Proliferation Apoptosis and Invasion of Breast Cancer Cells by Regulating WntBetaCatenin Signaling Pathway Shuai Zhao and Yu Wang* Relieving Effect of Naringenin on Constipation in Mice and Its Effect on Intestinal Flora in Mice Xiaojuan Zhu, X. Liu and Zheng Liu* Molecular Docking study of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Spike Glycoprotein with Celastroid Triterpenoid Inhibitors Bhaskar Bagchi* and Tamal Goswami Effects of Water Miscible Organic Cosolvents on Enzyme Kinetic Parameters of Drug Metabolizing Enzymes in Rat Liver Microsomes S. H. Kamble, Deepali Desle and K. R. Iyer* Comparative Analysis of Natural Bioactive Metabolites of the Indigenous Host Plants of Muga Silkworm for Antioxidant and Antibacterial Properties against Swine Diseases Manasee Choudhury, Shamima Parbin, Seema Pegu, S. Banik and P. J. Das* Effect and Mechanism of Dexmedetomidine on Inhibiting Proliferation Migration and Invasion of Ovarian Cancer Cell Strain SKOV3 Defei Xian and Qin Tang* Validated BioAnalytical Method for Cinacalcet Concentrations in Rat Plasma by Reversed PhaseHigh Performance Liquid Chromatography Photodiode Array Detector Method N. Mallikarjunarao* and I. B. Mahammad emIn Vitroem Antioxidant Assay of Different Phytoconstituents and Extraction Optimization of Phenolics from emCyperus rotundusem L Nidhi Varshney, A. Prakash, D. Singh and Pracheta Janmeda* emIn Vitroem and emIn Silicoem Cytotoxic Activity of emAconitum heterophyllumem Phytoniosomes and its Ethanolic Root Extract A Comparative Study Sujatha Saravanan, Rajeswari Hari* and Karthikeyan Sekar Evaluation of the Drug Utilization Pattern among Pregnant Women in a Tertiary Care Teaching Hospital Emmanuel T, Nair S, Pai Mv, Thunga G and Kunhikatta V* Pristimerin Contributes to Gefitinib Resistance in Lung Cancer Cells by regulating microRNA936 expression Huijuan Yue, Huiyu Yue, Yi Liu and Yang Liu* emIn Vitroem Anticancer and Antioxidant Potential of emPittosporum dasycaulonem Leaves extract Against the Human Liver and Lymphoma Cancer C. T. Riyas and Swapna Thacheril Sukumaran* Mechanism of Resveratrol Improving Rheumatoid Arthritis Injury by Inhibiting S100A8A9 Expression Z. Chen, Liyang Chen and H. Dai* Antiproliferiative Activity of Biogenic Silver Nanoparticles Synthesized from emLeonotis nepetifoliaem L on Human Cancer Cell lines M. N. L. C. Harika and Parvataneni Radhika* Analysis of Patient Benefit Information on the Labels of NonPrescription Medicines in India Raj Vaidya* and Mp Joshi Curative Effects of Triphala Extract against Swim StressInduced Gastric Ulcers emviaem Reduced Ulcer Index Strengthened Gastric Mucosa and Improved Redox State in Rats M. Khushtar*, H. H. Siddiqui, R. K. Dixit and S. S. Alvi Formulation and Optimization of Propranolol Bilayer Tablets A Potential Approach for Effective Management of Hypertension H. Mourya*, N. Garud, R. Joshi, W. Akram and N. Singh Evaluation of emIn Vivoem Wound Healing Potential of emSchima wallichiiem Korth Choisy Deepjyoti Dev, A. Sarkar and Bishnupada Roy* Phytochemicals Antioxidant and Antimicrobial Potential of Ethnomedicinal Plants of Sikkim Himalaya M. Singh*, Khashti Dasila, Archana Chettri, R. Jain, A. Dhyani and Anita Pandey Synthesis Cannabinoid Receptor Targeted Molecular Docking of Some New Pyrazole Derivatives as Hypolipidemic and AntiObesity Agents M. Rani, R. Chauhan, S. Sharma, A. Singh, A. Mishra, H. Badwik, J. Dwivedi* and S. Sharma Bioassay Guided Isolation of AntiInflammatory Compounds from emBauhinia variegataem L A Key Ingredient in HerboMineral Formulation Gandmala Kandan Ras K. N. Killari, Nguyen Huy Thuan, D S N B K Prasanth, S. P. Panda, P. K. Pasala, Alekhya Ketha and V. B. Tatipamula* Network Pharmacology Prediction to Explore the Potential Mechanism of QingE Pills Y. Dong*, Jingjing Ma and Yuanqing Pan Effects of Oleanolic Acid on Myocardial Injury in Diabetic Mice by Regulating Phosphatidylinositol 3 KinaseProtein Kinase BGlucose Transporter Type 4 Signalling Pathway Zhumei Sun*, Xinyu Shang, Jiashuo Li, Jinkun Xi, Fengmei Xing, Wenji Liang, Xiaohan Yu, Shuying Han and Shuang Zhao Integrated Analysis of Transcriptome in Interleukin10 Treated Peripheral Blood Cell Reveal Conservative Differential Expressed Genes T. Chen, J. Liu and Z. Ding* Kaempferol Promotes Apoptosis and Inhibited Autophagy in A549 Cells emviaem MicroRNA199Mammalian Target of Rapamycin Axis Junjie Wang and Bo Han* Cytotoxic Activity of emAndrographis lineataem Wall ex Nees An emIn Vitroem study Medha Bhat and N. M. Hoskatte* Potential for Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy toward Predicting Phytochemicals with Potent Antioxidant Activity in Leaves of emAnnona squamosaem Linn C. Chinnarasu* and Kolandaivel Prabha