Volume 79, Issue 3

Review Article p. 328

Effects of Nutraceutical Punicic Acid

Hatice Asli Bedel, Nur Tukel Turgut, Aysegul Ugur Kurtoglu, Coskun Usta*

Review Article p. 335

Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiotoxicity: A Review on Major Side-effect of Doxorubicin

M. Mobaraki, A. Faraji, M. Zare and H. R. Dehghan Manshadi*

Research Paper p. 345

A Quality by Design Approach for Coating Process Parameter Optimization

B. K. Nayak, P. Elchidana and P. K. Sahu*

Research Paper p. 353

Simultaneous HPLC Determination of Efavirenz, 8-hydroxy Efavirenz, Neostigmine and Comparison of their Separation Using a C18 and Biphenyl Column through Pharmacological Evaluation

S. Kumar*, P. J. Bouic and B. Rosenkranz

Research Paper p. 361

Antitumor Studies of Earthworm Fibrinolytic Enzyme Component A from Eisenia foetida on Breast Cancer Cell Line MCF-7

C. M. Liu, X. T. Chen, Y. Y. Pan, H. Liang, S. L. Song* and A. G. Ji*

Research Paper p. 369

Biosynthesis of Silver Nanoparticles by Novel Isolate of Marine Micromonospora species (KU 867645) and its Antibacterial Activity against Multidrug Resistant Hospital-acquired Uropathogens in Reference with Standard Antibiotics

M. M. Mahroop Raja* and S. Ahmed John

Research Paper p. 377

Evaluation of Antifungal Activities of Extracts of Aegle marmelos, Syzygium cumini and Pongamia pinnata against Pythium debaryanum

M. Yogeshwar, R. M. Gade and A. V. Shitole*