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1,1'-Oxy Bis[(4-Methoxy Cinnamidopropyl Dimethyl Ammonio) Ethane] Dichloride, A New Photoprotective Agent For Personal Care

Author(s): N.M Koshti, A.H Jawale, B.B Parab, S.D Naik, M.M Moghe, T.S Jadhav, S.S Nashte

The synthesis and photoprotection efficacy of a new water-soluble photoprotective agent, 1,1'-oxy bis[(4-methoxy cinnamidopropyl dimethyl ammonio) ethane] dichloride is reported. This non-irritating hydrolytically stable UV-absorber is substantive to both skin and hair due to its cationic nature. It can be easily formulated into a variety of hair and skin care formulations.


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