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A Critical Review: Preparation and Characterization of Micellar Gel

Author(s): Shivanajali Madane*, Bhaghyashri Parande, Smita More, Shashikant Dhole and Chaitali Dongaonkar
Department of Pharmaceutics, PES Modern College of Pharmacy (For Ladies), Moshi, Maharashtra 412105, India

Correspondence Address:
Shivanajali Madane, Department of Pharmaceutics, PES Modern College of Pharmacy (For Ladies), Moshi, Maharashtra 412105, India, E-mail:

Micelles are loosely bound aggregation of several tens or hundreds of atoms, ions or molecules, forming a colloidal particle. Micelles can either passively or actively target their payload to particular tissues in addition to dissolving hydrophobic medicines. Micelles nano-carriers hold the promise of solving the drug solubility issue among the various drug carriers that have been created. Gels are homogenous, semisolid preparations that often include one or more medications in the form of solutions or dispersions in appropriate hydrophilic or hydrophobic base. Now-a-days micellar gel can become promising approach for enhancing drug permeation through skin. Micellar gel shows higher penetration for treating deeply situated infections (example fungal infection). Micellar gel is generally prepared to increase the permeability or penetration of the medication across the skin. Micellar gels mainly used for providing hydrophobic medication which are encapsulated within micelles and deliver it to specific site. These benefits of micellar microparticles open up a lot of potential for the topical distribution of hydrophobic drugs in the future, with increased efficacy and lower production costs. There are several methods used for micelles and gel preparation such as dialysis method, solid dispersion method, microphase separation method, solvent evaporation method, thermal change method, chemical reaction and flocculation method. The characterization for micellar gel is particle size, critical micelles concentration, drug entrapment efficiency, drug content, nuclear magnetic resonance, differential scanning calorimetry, viscosity, spreadability, extrudability, patch test, skin irritation test and ex vivo skin permeability test.

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