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A decision tree for rapid quality assurance and control of rifampicin-containing oral dosage forms for global distribution for tuberculosis treatment

Author(s): Y Ashokraj, Shrutidevi Agrawal, R Panchagnula
Department of Pharmaceutics, NIPER, Punjab - 160 062, India

Correspondence Address:
R Panchagnula Pharmaceutical R&D, VMPS, Pfizer Pharmaceuticals India Pvt Limited, Navi, Mumbai - 400 705 India E-mail: [email protected]

For centuries tuberculosis remained as a complex socioeconomic problem impeding human development. Directly observed treatment short-course and fixed dose combinations were implemented in tuberculosis therapy for maximum success of treatment. However, drug shortages primarily hindered the expansion of directly observed treatment short-course, which lead to development of the global tuberculosis drug facility. Since large geographical area is covered by the global tuberculosis drug facility for global drug supply for tuberculosis eradication programs, a rapid quality control and assurance has become necessary to ensure the quality and performance of supplied antituberculosis drugs. In this manuscript a decision tree is proposed for facilitating rapid quality control ( in vitro and in vivo ) of antituberculosis formulations procured by the global tuberculosis drug facility. This decision tree also predicted to be applicable at every stages of anti tuberculosis drug product development, especially in identification of poor quality products and monitoring batch-to-batch variability. Further, it provides opportunity for effective quality control in resource poor settings and the gained knowledge is anticipated to be applicable for development and evaluation of antimalarial and antiAIDS fixed dose combinations.

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