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A quantitative structure-activity relationship study of novel inhibitors of cyclooxygenase-2: The 5-aryl-2,2-dialkyl-4-phenyl-3(2 H)furanone derivatives

Author(s): P Singh, Manju Shekhawat
Department of Chemistry, S. K. Government College, Sikar - 332 001, India

Correspondence Address:
P Singh Department of Chemistry, S. K. Government College, Sikar - 332 001 India E-mail:

The cyclooxygenase-2 enzyme inhibition activity of 5-aryl-2,2-dialkyl-4-phenyl-3(2 H )furanone derivatives is quantitatively analyzed through Fujita-Ban and Hansch type of approaches. The analyses have helped to ascertain the role of different substituents in explaining the observed inhibitory activity of these congeners. From both approaches it is revealed that more hydrophobic susbtituents at 4- R1, a non-hydrogen bond acceptor substitutent, preferably a -F substituent, at 3- R1 in 4-phenyl ring of 3(2 H )furanone scaffold improve inhibitory action of a compound. The substituents exhibiting collective molecular bulk smaller than spirocyclopentyl at X and Y positions are preferred as these geminal positions seems to be involved in steric interation. Similarly, 4-aminosulfonyl in 5-aryl ring of 3(2 H )furanone moiety emerged as a better choice than 4-methylsulfonyl substitution.

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