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A Study Of Adverse Drug Reactions To Antihypertensive Drugs Perceived By Patients In a Rural Hospital

Author(s): S. C Basak, K Ravi, R Manavalan, K Sahoo

The detection of adverse drug reactions has become increasingly important. This study aimed to determine adverse drug reactions of currently-used antihypertensive drugs in a rural hospital, and to assess the effect of pharmacist's intervention on the process of antihypertensive therapy management. Patients were identified to have adverse reactions by interview, using laboratory investigation data and in consultation with physicians and other health care professionals. Patients randomized to pharmacist's intervention received counselling during course of study. Of the 138 patients enrolled, 42% were women, and the average age was approximately 51 y. The study identified adverse drug reactions in 56.5% of the patients. Significant changes in patient satisfaction were observed as result of counselling (P< 0.001).