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A Study On Albumin Microspheres Containing Metronidazole

Author(s): V Sankar, V Ravichandran, V Sivanand, S Raghuraman, G Velrajan

The particulate form of albumin has been regarded as a potential carrier of drugs for either site-specific localization or their local application into autonomically discrete sites. Various formulations of metronidazole loaded albumin microspheres were prepared by heat stabilization process and chemical stabilization process. Effect of stirring rate on size distribution, effect of albumin concentration, effect of cross linking agent on microspheres were the parameters investigated Angle of repose, drug content, in vitro and in vivo release rate studies were also carried out. In vitro release profile for formulations containing metronidazole-loaded albumin microspheres with cross linking agent shows slow sustained release up to 24 also obeys first order kinetics. The studies conducted in rabbits confirm sustained release. Hence albumin microspheres prepared by the heat stabilization process and chemical stabilization process could be used for the treatment of hepatic amoebiasis where the sustained action is needed.


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