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A Thermodynamical Approach To The Diffusion Of Terbutaline Sulphate From The Transdermal Films

Author(s): S Narasimha Murthy, Shobha Rani, R Hiremath

The transdermal films of terbutaline sulphate were formulated using the hydroxy propyl methyl cellulose for achieving controlled release of the drug for the treatment of asthma. The films were subjected to in vitro diffusion studies using a static diffusion cell of Keshary-Chein type at two different temperatures such as 37° and 40° to observe the effect of the temperature on the diffusion of the drug and to calculate the molar enthalpy of diffusion. The drug release increased with increasing temperature. It appears that the process being endothermic, it can be spontaneous only if it proceeds towards maximum randomness. Therefore, the entropy change associated with changes in the state and free energy were determined.


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