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Albumin Microsphere Containing Methotrexate : A Lung Specific Delivery System

Author(s): S. A Dhanaraj, K Gowthamarajan, K Shanthi, B Suresh

Albumin microspheres containing methotrexate were prepared in the size range of 12.7 to 19.5 mm, by heat stabilization technique at various concentration of drug and different speeds of agitaticn. They were evaluated by scanning electron microscope (SEM). Through the dissolution study on various batches of drug-loaded microspheres, the batch with optimum drug loading and satisfactory release profile was selected as ideal batch (20 mg drug loaded microspheres prepared by using 500 RPM). In vivo evaluation was done on all the batches using albino mice. The ideal batch showed significant enhancement in drug localization particularly in lungs in comparsion with free drug.


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