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Albumin microspheres as an ocular delivery system for pilocarpine nitrate

Author(s): Sudha Rathod1, SG Deshpande2
1V. M. H. P.Shah College of Pharmacy, Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadavli, Thane (W)-400 601, India 2C. U. Shah College of Pharmacy, Santacruz (W), Mumbai-400 049, India

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Sudha Rathod V. M. H. P.Shah College of Pharmacy, Ghodbunder Road, Kasarvadavli, Thane (W)-400 601 India E-mail:

Pilocarpine nitrate loaded egg albumin microspheres were prepared by thermal denaturation process in the size range of 1-12 µm. A series of batches were prepared to study factors, which may affect the size and entrapment efficiency of drug in microspheres and optimized the process. Drug loaded microspheres so obtained were evaluated for their size, entrapment efficiency, release rate and biological response. Electron photomicrographs were taken (8000X) to study the morphological characteristics of microspheres. The entrapment and encapsulation of pilocarpine after process optimization was found to be 82.63% and 62.5% respectively. In vitro dissolution rate studies revealed that the release of drug from the microspheres followed spherical matrix mechanism. Biological response of microspheric suspension was measured by reduction in intraocular pressure in albino rabbit eyes and compared with marketed eye drops. Various pharmacokinetic parameters viz. onset of action, duration of action, Tmax and AUC were studied. A measurable difference was found in the mean miotic response, duration and AUC of pilocarpine nitrate microspheric suspension.

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