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Amphiphilic Copolymeric Micelles For Delivery Of Nimesulide : Preparation, Optimization And Characterization

Author(s): Sulekha Bhadra, D Bhadra, G.P Agrawal

In the present study five copolymeric blends of polycaprolactone-polyethylene glycol were prepared by ring opening polymerization technique. These were characterized by IR and NMR studies and by determination of critical micelle concentration. The copolymeric blends were optimized from the entrapment capacity, release rate and stability studies of the nimesulide loadedmicelles prepared using such copolymers. These micellar preparations had shown better stability at refrigerated temperature. The formulation prepared by dialysis method using copolymer, having molar ratio of ε-caprolactone to methoxypolyethylene glycol fifty-to-one, was used for further studies in rats. Mean residence time and bio-distribution studies showed that the micelles have higher circulation time in blood and lesser distribution in other tissues as compared to plain drug solution.


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