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Amylase Immobilised In Water-In-Oil-In-Water Based liquid Surfactant Membrane

Author(s): Shobhna Singh, C. P Jain, S. P Vyas

An effort was made to immobilize amylase, a digestive enzyme in liquid surfactant membrane. The system was based on typical w/o/w emulsions. Organic membrane was composed of cotton seed oil containing additives such as Calcium, Stearate, lecithin and Cetyl Alcohol. The incorporated additives facilitated the selective transport of substrate i.e. starch to the internal aqueous phase containing amylase. However, the enzyme remained immobilized in the internal aqueous phase. The activity and the stability of the system(s) were found to be related to water : oil ratio in primary emulsion and incorporated additives. The system(s) were subjected to stability studies at different temperature conditions. The efforts of ageing on in vitro activity and viscosity of different system(s) was observed. The system(s) were found to be effectively stable at room temperature.


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