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An Update On Pharmacotherapies Of Smoking Cessation

Author(s): K.R Tambwekar, V Madhuri, R.B Kakaria, S Garg

Smoking can be ranked as the most serious risk factor in terms of its impact on the well being of an individual and society. Factors such as withdrawal symptoms, abstinence levels achieved, quit failures associated with particular nicotine. replacement product decides success of any smoking cessation therapy. Often, individual preferences play a crucial role in selecting particular intervention program. Today, several dosage forms of nicotine (gum, inhaler, patch, spray) are available in the market, which claim to meet varied clinical demands of smokers in terms of nicotine intake during treatment. There is a strong scientific rationale behind development of these products, and each product aims to reinforce the treatment. However, there is a clear need for new dosage forms and more effective therapy so as to persuade a large number of smokers for treatment, thereby enhancing cessation rates and improving public health. The present manuscript is a compilation of products available for smoking cessation program and discusses their usefulness, advantages and limitations.


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