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Analgesic and micromeritic evaluations of SRMS-based oral lipospheres of diclofenac potassium

Author(s): Salome A Chime1, EC Umeyor2, VI Onyishi1, GC Onunkwo1, AA Attama2
1Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy, University of Nigeria, Nigeria 2Department of Pharmaceutics, University of Nigeria, Nsukka-410 001, Nigeria

Correspondence Address:
Salome A Chime Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Industrial Pharmacy, University of Nigeria Nigeria E‑mail: [email protected]

The objective of our work was to study the micromeritic properties of lyophilized diclofenac potassium-loaded lipospheres and to evaluate in vivo, the analgesic properties of diclofenac potassium in the lipospheres in addition to other in vitro properties. Solidified reverse micellar solutions were prepared by fusion using 1:1, 2:1, and 1:2% w/w of Phospholipon ® 90H and Softisan ® 154. Diclofenac potassium (1, 3, and 5% w/w) was incorporated into the solidified reverse micellar solutions. Solidified reverse micellar solutions-based lipospheres were formulated by melt homogenization techniques using Ultra-Turrax homogenizer, and thereafter lyophilized to obtain water-free lipospheres. The lipospheres were characterized in terms of particle size and morphology, stability, thermal analysis, drug content, encapsulation efficiency, and loading capacity. The flow properties of the lipospheres were studied using both direct and indirect methods of assessing flow. The analgesic properties of the lipospheres were studied using the hot plate method. Results obtained showed that the yield of diclofenac potassium-loaded lipospheres was high and the particle size ranged from 0.61±0.07 to 2.55±0.04 μm. The lipospheres had high encapsulation efficiency of 95%, which was affected by the amount of drug loaded, while the loading capacity increased with the increase in drug loading. Diclofenac potassium-loaded lipospheres exhibited poor flow. The formulations exhibited good analgesic effect compared with the reference and had 84 to 86% drug release at 13 h. The lipospheres based on solidified reverse micellar solutions could be used for oral delivery of diclofenac potassium.

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