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Analysis of Intoxication Deaths: Causes and Manners of Death

Author(s): M. Akhgari*, M. S. Kahfi1 and H. S. Akha2
Forensic Toxicology Department, Legal Medicine Research Center, Legal Medicine Organization, Tehran, 1Department of Toxicology & Pharmacology, Faculty of Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences Branch, Islamic Azad University (IAUPS), 2Legal Medicine Research Center, Legal Medicine Organization, Qom, Iran

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Forensic Toxicology Department, Legal Medicine Research Center, Legal Medicine Organization, Tehran, Iran, E-mail:

The aim of the present study was to provide an overview of deaths caused by drug poisoning or intoxication with other substances in Qom province, Iran from 2008 to 2012. The data on poisoning deaths were collected from the autopsy reports and defined cause of death in death certificates. Death profiles and demographic characteristics were analysed. Intoxication death cases were recorded 388 subjects during the five year study period, of which 264 cases (68 %) were male. Results showed that the rate of intoxication deaths was 93 cases per one million populations in 2008, decreasing to 49 cases in 2010 and then increasing to 69 cases in 2012. Opium alkaloids caused the highest mortality rate in male and female cases. Tramadol and tricyclic antidepressants were the second cause of death in males and females, respectively. The majority of cases were in the age range of 21-30 years. Accidental poisoning with opioids was the most reported manner of death. Death cause analysis revealed that opioids contributed to death in the majority of cases. The findings of the present study highlight the importance of regulatory controls on clandestine illicit opioid production, distribution and abuse by heath care authorities.

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