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Analysis of Patient Benefit Information on the Labels of Non-Prescription Medicines in India

Author(s): Raj Vaidya* and Mp Joshi
Department of Pharmacology, Goa College of Pharmacy, Panaji, Goa 403001, India

Correspondence Address:
Raj Vaidya, Department of Pharmacology, Goa College of Pharmacy, Panaji, Goa 403001, India, E-mail:

Self-medication, a rampant reality in developing countries such as India, requires attention to ensure safe use of medicines by patients. It is not always possible to visit a health care provider and not always needed also. Self-medication with non-prescription medicines is a common and accepted practice all over the world. It is therefore essential that adequate information is present on the label of non-prescription medicines so that the consumers can take appropriate decisions to self-medicate rationally. In our study, we analyzed 300 labels of non-prescription allopathic medicines in India, and checked for the presence, organization and ease of location of various important information for the benefit of the patient to make a right choice to consume the medicine. We found that in most of the labels, the information was not presented in an organized, easy to find manner. Further, a lot of information related to warnings, indications, purpose, dosing information, as is mandatory on the labels of non-prescription medicines of various other countries was not present on the labels. The non-availability of the correct information that guides the consumer to use these medicines rationally and responsibly is in a way denial of right to health. It is important therefore that necessary regulations and guidelines be put in place in India to ensure that the labels of non-prescription medicines should contain the necessary important information which is easy to locate, in the best interest of the patient.

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