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Antifertility Activity Of Niosomal HPbCD - Plumbagin Complex

Author(s): R D'Souza, U. V Singh, K. S Aithal, N Udupa

Inclusion complex of drug with hydroxyl propyl betacyclodextrin (HPbCD) was prepared with a view to increase the efficacy and solubility of plumbagin. The complex was entrapped in the aqueous layer of niosomes and evaluated for antifertility activity. This in turn was compared with niosomes of the plain drug where entrapment was possible in the lipid layer. Given intraperitoneally at a dose of 5 mg /kg the niosomes of the drug complex showed promising antifertility activity when compared to the control and niosomes with lipid layer entrapment. Although complex showed lower entrapment efficiency over the plain drug the stability and antifertility activity was markedly increased.


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