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Antiinflammatory Activity Of Elephantopus Scaber In Albino Rats

Author(s): V Sankar, R Kalirajan, F Sweetlin Vivian Sales, S Raghuraman

To study the antiinflammatory activity of Elephantopus scaber in acute, sub-acute and chronic experimental models in albino rats, aerial parts of Elephantopus scaber were extracted with hydroalcoholic solvent and purified by chromatographic procedure. The compound separated was studied by carrageenan-induced hind paw oedema in rats and the paw volume was measured plethysmometrically at 0 and 3 h after injection. The compound was also subjected to turpentine oil induced granuloma pouch in rats. The pouch was opened on day 7 under anaesthesia and the exudates collected by a syringe was measured the compound was also investigated in formalin-induced oedema models in rats. Degree of inflammation was measured plethysmometrically on day 1 and 7 and compared with control and standard, diclofenac. All the drugs were administered orally. The higher dose of compound significantly reduced carrageenan-induced pedal oedema (57%) and formalin-induced pedal oedema in rats (58%). The compound also decreased exudate volume (36%) in turpentine oil-induced granuloma formation compared to control.


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