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Antimicrobial, Antioxidant and DNA Interaction Studies of Water-soluble Complexes of Schiff Base Bearing Morpholine Moiety

Author(s): K. Sakthikumar, J. D. Raja*, M. Sankarganesh and J. Rajesh
Chemistry Research Centre, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai-623 806, India

Correspondence Address:
Chemistry Research Centre, Mohamed Sathak Engineering College, Kilakarai-623 806, India, E-mail:

A novel series of metal (II) complexes, [CuL(AcO)].H2O (1), [CoL(AcO)].4H2O (2), [MnL(AcO)].4H2O (3), [NiL(AcO)].4H2O (4) and [ZnL(AcO)].2H2O (5) have been synthesized from 2-(2-morpholinoethylimino)methyl)phenol Schiff base ligand in a 1:1 molar ratio. The resulting compounds were characterized using various physical, chemical and spectral studies. The spectral results indicated square planar geometry around the metal (II) ion and found to possess [ML] stoichiometry. Complexes (1), (2) and (4) exhibited potent antimicrobial, antioxidant and DNA cleavage activities as compared to complexes (3) and (5). In vitro DNA binding properties of complexes (1-5) have been carried out employing the electronic absorption technique. The calculated intrinsic binding constant (Kb) values for the complexes were in the order of 1.3512×105 (1) >2.9843×104 (2) >1.6432×104 (4) >4.2280×103 (5) >2.9100×103 M−1 (3) and the DNA binding affinity values of the complexes obtained by the viscosity titration measurements were in the order of (1)>(2)>(4)>(5)>(3). The observed results suggested that the complexes (1-5) bind to DNA via intercalation.

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