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Antimicrobial evaluation of mangiferin analogues

Author(s): SK Singh1, Y Kumar2, S Sadish Kumar2, VK Sharma1, K Dua1, A Samad1
1 D. J. College of Pharmacy, Niwari road, Modinagar-201 201, India 2 ITS Paramedical College (Pharmacy), Muradnagar, Ghaziabad-201 206, India

Correspondence Address:
S K Singh D. J. College of Pharmacy, Niwari road, Modinagar-201 201 India [email protected]

The naturally occurring xanthone glycoside mangiferin has been isolated by column chromatography from the ethanol extract of stem bark of Mangifera indica. Mangiferin was further converted to 5-(N-phenylaminomethyleno)mangiferin, 5-(N-p-chlorophenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin, 5-(N-2-methylphenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin, 5-(N-p-methoxyphenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin, 5-(N,N-diphenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin, 5-(N--napthylaminomethyleno) mangiferin and 5-(N-4-methylphenylaminomethyleno) mangiferin. Mangiferin and its analogues were characterized by melting point and R f value determination and through spectral technique like UV, IR, and NMR spectral analysis. The synthesized compounds were screened for antimicrobial activity.

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