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Antitumour Activity Of Biochanin-A Against Dalton's Ascitic Lymphoma

Author(s): S Kavimani, R Ilango, N. S Nagarajan, C Manoj, Malaya Gupta, U. K Majumdar

The antitumour activity of biochanin-A (5,7-dihydroxy-4-methoxy isoflavone) has been evaluated against Dalton's ascitic lymphoma (DAL) in swiss albino mice. A significant enhancement of mean survival time of biochanin-A treated tumour bearing mice was found with respect to control group. Biochanin-A treatment was found to enhance peritoneal cell counts. When these biochanin-A treated animals underwent i.p. inoculation with DAL cells, tumour cell growth was found to be Inhibited. After 14 days of inoculation, biochanin-A is able to, reverse the changes in the haematological parameters, protein and PCV consequent to tumour inoculation.


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