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Antiulcerogenic Activity Of Indigoferal Longeracemosa

Author(s): D Thangadurai, M. B Viswanathan

Indigofera longeracemosa root has been used in tribal medicine as an antidote for all snake poisons. Sequential petroleum ether, benzene, chloroform, ethyl acetate and ethanol extracts of Indigofera longeracemosa roots when administered either by i.p. (45 min before) or oral (45 min before or for 4 days) against restraint-stress or pylorus-ligated gastric ulcers in rats, the maximum protection was being found to be afforded by the petroleum ether and ethanol extracts. The mechanism of antiulcer effect could be due to decrease in acid-pepsin secretion or augmentation of mucin secretion as observed with the ethanol and petroleum ether extracts.


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