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Antiulcerogenic Activity Of Various Extracts Of Dodonaea Viscosa (L) Jacq. Leaves

Author(s): V. P Veerapur, A. M Badiger, S. D Joshi, V. P Nayak, C. S Shastry

Preliminary phytopharmacological investigations of ethanol extract of Dodonaea viscosa leaves revealed the presence of flavonoids, tannins, sterols and saponins and showed promising antiulcer activity. In view of this we conducted bioactivity-guided fraction studies of D.viscosa using various experimental gastric ulcer models and offensive and defensive gastric mucosal factors in rats. Among the tested extracts, ethyl acetate extract exhibited higher ulcerative lesion index, increased serum calcium level and decreased alkaline phosphatase activity in all experimental models. The antiulcer activity of the extracts may be attributed to cytoprotective and healing activity of flavonoids.


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