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Application Of Abelmoschus Esculentus In Solid Dosage Formulation 1 : Use As A Binder For A Poorly Water Soluble Drug

Author(s): S. I Ofoefule, A Chukwu, N Anyakoha, I. M Ebebe

A gum extract from the pods of Abelmoschus esculentus (Ae) was evaluated as granulating agent for sulphaguanidine granules and tablets. The gum was employed at concentrations of 0,2,4 and 6% (w/w) and granules and tablets were prepared by the weight granulation method. Properties of granules and tablets evaluated as a function of the gum concentraion include: loose densities, flow rate and angle of repose, hardness and friability, disintegration time and dissolution profiles. Granules prepared with Ae possessed good flow characteristics and the polymer exhibited higher binding capacity in sulphaguanidine tablets than maize starch and gelatin at equivalent concentrations. The gum could be employed as a granulating agent in normal release sulphaguanidine tablets at concentration levels of 2 and 4% (w/w). Beyond these concentrations, sulphaguanidine tablets with relatively prolonged released profile was obtained.


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