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Application of Initial Function Training in Persistent Schizophrenia Patients Taking Aripiprazole

Author(s): Yan Hong*
Department of Psychiatry, Tianjin Mental Health Institute, Tianjin Anding Hospital, Hexi, Tianjin 300222, China

Correspondence Address:
Yan Hong, Department of Psychiatry, Tianjin Mental Health Institute, Tianjin Anding Hospital, Hexi, Tianjin 300222, China, E-mail:

The natural efficacy based trials of the atypical antipsychotics are required to yield extensive information concerning the efficiency, security, tolerance and safety among the patients suffering from schizophrenia who are treated in the hospital-based outpatient care centre based practice. In this study, the men and women were taken with the age range of 14 to 90 y with recognition of schizophrenia. There were a total of 103 patients considered for this study, who were enrolled between July 2017 to August 2021. This study analyzed the treatment with aripiprazole along with the standard of care based treatment procedure. The patient data reviewed in this study during the screening process moved closer to an interactive voice response system after obtaining informed consent. In the aripiprazole treatment group (n=49), the results were significantly better and effective in comparison to the standard of care treatment group (n=54; p<0.001; w 26, last observation carried forward) as reflected by the interactive voice response system total score. Similar results were noted in patients who duly completed the study design where aripiprazole was significantly associated with effectiveness at all phases in comparison to the standard of care group. The patients treated with aripiprazole also showed a significantly higher increase in quality of life and lesser adverse effects at w 26 (p<0.001). A high percentage of patients who received aripiprazole as a study medication was termed as “much better’’ on the preference scale of the medication questionnaire in comparison to the standard of care. The schizophrenia trial of aripiprazole provides a detailed overview of the real-world rendering and the enhanced benefits of aripiprazole compared to other major atypical antipsychotics advised in the hospital.

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