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Artificial Neural Network For The Simultaneous Estimation Of Multicomponent Sample By UV Spectrophotometry

Author(s): C Balamurugan, C Aravindan, K Kannan, D Sathyanarayana, K Valliappan, R Manavalan

A novel approach, using artificial neural networks, has been made to analyse multicomponent sample by UV spectrophotometry. Artificial neural network, based on back propagation paradigm, was custom developed to process the ultraviolet spectral data. A typical drug combination, diclofenac sodium and paracetamol, was chosen as model drug mix to evaluate the suitability of neural approach to quantify the components in a mixture. The ability of the artificial neural network to predict the concentrations was tested with several spectra of known ratios of the drugs under several neural network parameters. Our study indicated that artificial neural networks could produce accurate and precise results and could be used for routine analysis of multicomponent samples.


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