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Assay Of Omeprazole In Pharmaceutical Formulations By Extraction Spectrophotometry

Author(s): C. S. P Sastry, Petla Y Naidu, S. S. N Murthy

Four simple and sensitive spectrophotometric methods (A-D) for the assay of omeprazole (OMZ) in pure and dosage forms based on the formation of chloroform soluble ion-associates under specified experimental conditions are described. Four acidic dyes viz. Suprachen Violet 3B (SV 3B method A), Tropaeolin 000(TP 000, method B), Bromocresol Green (BCG, method C) and Azocarmine G (AG, method D) are utilised. The extracts of the ion-associates exhibit absorption maxima at 590 nm, 420 nm, 500 nm and 540 nm for methods A,B,C and D respectively. Beer's law and the precision and accuracy of the methods are checked by UV reference method.


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