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Azo Polymers For Colon Targeted Drug Delivery

Author(s): S. K Jain, M. K Chourasia, R Dengre
Correspondence Address:
S. K Jain

Development of a colon specific delivery system bearing flurbiprofen using various azo-aromatic polymers and pH-sensitive polymers are discussed. The azo-aromatic polymers were synthesized and characterized for physical appearance, solubility, film forming properties and effect of colon microbial flora on the polymers. In vitro dissolution studies showed that flurbiprofen bearing hard gelatin capsules, coated with these polymers released drug only in simulated gastrointestinal fluid containing human fecal suspension, at pH 7.5. In vivo studies revealed that azo-aromatic and pH-sensitive polymer coating disintegrate only in colon following 10 h of oral administration. Hence these polymers can be successfully used to deliver drug at the colon.


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