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Bioactive Polymers; Synthesis, Characterisation, Release And Antimicrobial Property Of Macromolecular Prodrug Of Ampicillin

Author(s): Hiren Patel, D. A Raval, D Madamwar

The matrix of poly (methyl methacrylate-co-maleic anhydride) with surface containing functional anhydride group of different percentage was prepared by solution polymerization and characterized. A macromolecular prodrug of ampicillin was synthesized by linking the amino group of ampicillin to anhydride group of matrix via an amide bond. The amount of ampicillin covalently bound to the matrix was spectroscopically characterized and the in vitro release rate in weakly basic medium was established with its antimicrobiological activity. This prodrug allows a prolonged release (7-8 days) of the drug.


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