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Bioavailability Of Puerarin-Phospholipid Solid Dispersion In Rats

Author(s): Guangxi Zhai, Hongxiang Lou, Dianzhou Bi, Lijia Zou

The purpose of this investigation is to evaluate the bioavailability in rats after oral administration of puerarin or puerarin-phospholipid solid dispersion. A simple and sensitive HPLC method was developed for determination of puerarin in rat plasma. It was shown that its plasma concentration reached a peak of 0.35 μg/ml at 0.64 h after oral administration (50 mg/kg). However, after intake of puerarin-phospholipid solid dispersion, a peak of 0.78 μg/ml occurred at a later time, 1.06 h. There was a significant difference in the mean area under the concentration-time curves (AUC)between the free drug and the puerarin-phospholipid solid dispersion.


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