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Characterization of Phenolic Constituents and Pharmacological Activity of Achillea vermicularis

Author(s): T. Taskin*, I. A. Balkan1, D. Taskin2 And A. Dogan3
Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University, 1Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Health Sciences, 2Department of Analytical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Istanbul Yeni Yüzyıl University, 2Department of Pharmaceutical Botany, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey

Correspondence Address:
Department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy, Marmara University, Turkey, E-mail:;

The aim of the present study was to compare for the first time, the antiinflammatory, antioxidant and antiurease activities of 15 different extracts of Achillea vermicularis, which were obtained from three extraction methods using five different solvents. Phenolic contents in chloroform extract showed strong antiinflammatory and antioxidant activity and were analysed by high-performance liquid chromatography with diode-array detection and confirmed by liquid chromatography quadrupole time-of-flight mass spectrometry. The active phenolic compounds in chloroform extracts were identified as chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, rutin, dicaffeoylquinic acid, naringenin, quercetagetin 3,6-dimethyl ether, and 8-hydroxy-salvigenin. All these compounds except caffeic acid were detected for the first time in Achillea vermicularis. These results indicated that chloroform extract of the plant possessed a high potential to be used as a natural source in food and pharmaceutical industry.

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