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Chemical Composition, Antibacterial and Antioxidant Properties of Essential Oil from the Rhizomes of Hedychium forrestii Var. Palaniense Sanoj and M. Sabu

Author(s): Sinjumol Thomas* and B. Mani1
Department of Botany, Vimala College, Thrissur–680 009, 1Postgraduate and Research Department of Botany, St. Thomas College Palai, Arunapuram, Kottayam–686 574, India

Correspondence Address:
Department of Botany, Vimala College, Thrissur–680 009, India E-mail:

The essential oil constituents of rhizomes of Hedychium forrestii var. palaniense were analyzed by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. A total of 26 constituents comprising 68.20% of the oils were identified. The volatile fraction was characterized by monoterpene hydrocarbons (42.31%), oxygenated monoterpenes (38.46%), sesquiterpene hydrocarbons (15.38%) and oxygenated sesquiterpenes (3.85%). The predominant constituents identified were β-pinene (18.30%), β-linalool (17.80%), 1,8-cineole (12.00%), and 4-terpineol (5.50%). Sesquiterpenoids were present only in negligible quantities. The antibacterial activities of the essential oil was evaluated against ten bacteria and Pseudomonas aeruginosa was the most susceptible organism with a zone of inhibition of 42.16±0.76 mm. Additionally, the essential oil showed promising radical scavenging and electron donating activity.

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