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Clinical Analysis of the Effect of Contrast-enhanced Ultrasonography on Trans-arterial Chemoembolization for Advanced Liver Cancer in the Elderly

Author(s): L. Liang, J. Lu, X. Li, J. Chen, W. Luo, Z. Chen and Z. He*
Ultrasound Department, People’s Hospital of Dongguan, Dongguan 523059, China

Correspondence Address:
Ultrasound Department, People’s Hospital of Dongguan, Dongguan 523059, China, E-mail:

The present study was aimed at analyzing the effect of contrast-enhanced ultrasonography on trans-arterial chemoembolization for advanced liver cancer in the elderly. A total of 160 elderly patients with advanced liver cancer and treated at the People’s Hospital of Dongguan were enrolled. All cases were subjected to trans-arterial chemoembolization and contrast-enhanced ultrasonography. All patients in this study underwent 498 times of interventional therapy. The average lifetime was 10.2±2.9 mo, with the longest one being 25 mo and the shortest one 4 mo. The number of patients with complete remission, partial remission, stable disease and progressive disease were 22, 90, 30 and 18, respectively, leading to a total efficacy of 70.00 % (112/160). After treatment, the hepatalgia symptom was significantly relived, ascites was significantly reduced and the appetite and immune index were increased. Trans-arterial chemoembolization is an effective approach for advanced liver cancer in the elderly, while contrast-enhanced ultrasonography could fully display the feeding arteries of tumor, which has enormous application value.

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