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Comparative Behavioral Activity Of Methanolic And Aqueous Withania Somnifera Root Extracts In Stressed Rats

Author(s): M Ramanathan, J Srinivasan, C Saravanababu, B Viswanad, B Suresh

In the present study, the effect of Withania somnifera extracts prepared by two different methods on behavioral parameters assessed using open field exploratory behavior, behavioral despair and passive avoidance tests were compared in young and old stressed Wistar rats. Stress was induced on the animals by giving 30 intermittent shocks for 3 s consecutively for 7 d. W. Somnifera extracts prepared with 50% methanol and solvent containing water, ghee and honey were administered orally as fine suspension during the shock period. The results revealed that stress produced depression anxiety and retention deficit in young and old rats. Administration of W. Somnifera methanolic extract 250 mg/kg during shock period in young and old rats attenuated the stress-induced depression and enhanced memory. W. Somnifera traditional extract 250 mg/kg produced memory enhancement in both control and stressed young and old rats. Both the W. Somnifera extracts failed to reverse the stress-induced anxiety. It can be concluded that in comparison to methanolic extract, traditional extract was found to be more active in memory enhancement than anxiolytic and antidepressant activity.


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