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Comparative Evaluation Of Hydrotropically And Thermally Gelled Starch Pastes As Granulating Agents For Diclofenac Sodium

Author(s): H. N Shivakumar, B. S Nath, B. G Desai

Hydrotropically gelled maize starch (HTGS) was investigated as granulating agent for preparing tablets of diclofenac sodium. Granular and tablet properties were determined and compared with those obtained using conventionally prepared starch paste (THSP). Both types of granules could be compressed into satisfactory tablets with a mean disintegration times of 13 min 5's and 7 min 42 s, respectively, for HTGS and THSP. However, tablets prepared with HTGS gave faster dissolution (88% in 70 min), whereas the other type gave 77% in the same time in phosphate buffer of pH 7.2. Hydrotropically gelled starch exhibited good stability even after storing for one month where as conventionally prepared starch paste was spoilt within 24 h.


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