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Comparative Studies On Two Methods Of Preparation Of Chitosan Matric Tablets Of Rifampicin

Author(s): B Sreenivasa Rao, A Seshsayana, S. V Pardha Saradhi, G Rambabu, P Surendra Kumar, Cheruvu P. S Narayan, K. V Ramana Murthy

Rifampicin-chitosan matrices were prepared by direct compression method and wet granulation method to develop a sustained release form. The effects of methods of preparation on the drug release rate and release kinetics were investigated in this study. Moreover, the kinetics of rifampicin released from chitosan matrices, exposed to formaldehyde vapors for predetermined time intervals, were analysed using Ritger and Peppas exponential equation. The in vitro release kinetics of directly compressed matrices exhibited a non-Fickian transport model and matrices prepared by wet granulation method showed Fickian diffusion model. Increasing the exposure time to formaldehyde vapors decreased the release rate of rifampicin from chitosan matrices as a result of formation of greater structural strength and more tightly texture.


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