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Comparison of Clinical Efficacy of Laparoscopic-Assisted and Laparotomy D2 Radical Total Gastrectomy for Advanced Gastric Cancer

Author(s): Fuquan Jiang, Peiming Sun, Manku Dong, Heming. Yang, Haiguang Lin, Jing Xin Liu, Jianwu Yang and Hongfeng Yan*
Department of General Surgery, People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force Medical Center, Beijing 100101, China

Correspondence Address:
Hongfeng Yan, Department of General Surgery, People's Liberation Army Strategic Support Force Medical Center, Beijing 100101, China, E-mail:

To investigate the clinical efficacy of laparoscopic-assisted and laparotomy D2 radical total gastrectomy for advanced gastric cancer. From January 2014 to January 2015, 81 patients with advanced gastric cancer were divided into study group A (n=41) for laparoscopic-assisted therapy and study group B (n=40) for laparotomy D2 radical total gastrectomy according to different surgical methods. Postoperative followup was 60 mo. Perioperative period indicators, curative effect and complications were recorded and compared between the two groups. The operation time of study group A was significantly longer than that of study group B. The hospital stay, intraoperative blood loss, incision length and intestinal function recovery of study group A were significantly less than that of study group B and the difference had statistical significance (p<0.05). Compared with study group B, the number of lymph node dissection, the number of positive lymph nodes and the average survival time in study group A were less and the rate of lymph node metastasis, the distance from distal resection margin and the distance from proximal resection margin were large, but the difference had no statistical significance (p>0.05). The difference of complications and recurrence rate between study group A and study group B had no statistical significance (p>0.05). Laparoscopic-assisted treatment for advanced gastric cancer is less invasive, has a shorter recovery time and the outcome and survival time of lymphadenectomy is comparable to those of laparotomy.

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