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Concurrent Assay Of Lamivudine And Zidovudine From Combination Tablets

Author(s): K.K Nerurkar, U.J Dhorda, S.I Bhoir, M Sunderasan

A simple, fast and precise reversed phase high performance liquid chromatographic method developed for the simultaneous determination of lamivudine and zidovudine in tablets. A μ Bondapak C18, 10 μm column (300x3.9mrn I.d.) was used in isocratic mode, with mobile phase composed of 0.02 M tri-sodium citrate and methanol in the ratio of 70:30. The flow rate was 1.0 ml/rnin and effluent was detected at 266 nm. The peaks were examined for chromatographic figures of merit. Peak heights were measured as detector responses. The linear dynamic ranges for lamivudine and zidovudine were found to be 12-18 μg/ml and 24-36 μg/ml, respectively. Analytical performance parameters like precision, accuracy, etc. were determined to assure the viability of the method. After validation, the method was applied to the assay of drugs in a combination tablet. Application of the method revealed that the content of larnivudine was 149.6±20.47 mg against labeled amount of 150 mg and zidovudine was 299.1±0.65 mg against labeled amount of 300 mg (n=7).


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