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Controlled Release HPMC Matrix Tablets Of Propranolol Hydrochloride

Author(s): S. C Basak, Y Srinivasa Rao, R Manavalan, P Rama Rao

Propranolol hydrochloride matrix tablets were prepared with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose polymer to control the release of drug with a view to develop twice daily sustained release dosage form. The resulting matrix tablets prepared with hydroxypropyl methylcellulose K4M fulfilled all the official requirements of tablet dosage forms. The in vitro drug release was measured in aqueous solutions for a total period of 12 h using 1.2 pH buffer for first 1 h and pH 7.5 buffer for the rest of period. The drug release was within the limits of predetermined set vis-Ã -vis USP requirements. The results provide a method of achieving sustained drug action through uniform drug release.


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