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Controlled Release Of Dicolfenac Sodium By Gum Karaya - Chitosan Complex Coacervate : In Vivo Evaluation

Author(s): G. V Murali Mohan Babu, K Himasankar, Cheruvu P. S Narayan, K. V Ramana Murthy

In this study microcapsules prepared from gum karaya (GK) and chitosan (CH) using the principle of complex coacervation for the first time with a continuous oil-phase were evaluated for their in vivo performance. Diclofenac sodium (DFS) was used as the drug of choice. The dissolution profiles of DFS from prepared microcapsules as well as commercial product followed non-Fickian diffusion. The formulation displayed a sustained in vivo blood level pattern that is comparable to that of a commercial controlled release formulation.


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