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Design And Evaluation Of Ditiazem Hydrochloride Buccal Patches

Author(s): S Saisivam, Muhammed M. H Ashereff, Maria N. S Gerald, S Jayaprakash, M Nagarajan

Diltiazem hydrochloride buccal patches were prepared using different polymers in various proportions and combinations. The in vitro drug release from the formulations was studied using commercial semipermeable membrane. The physico-chemical parameters of the formulations were evaluated. The zero order release formulation F2 (drug reservoir with 3% HPMC and 3% EC as rate controlling membrane) was subjected to graphical treatments according to Higuchi equation and Peppa's equation which confirmed that the release mechanism is by diffusion. Formulation F2 was also subjected to in situ diffusion studies using a fresh goat cheek pouch membrane, which has shown good correlation with in vitro release. The expected release for an extended period of 12 h was observed in formulation F2.


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