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Design And Evaluation Of ketorolac Tromethamine Ocuserts

Author(s): S Jayaprakash, Cibi Chacko James, N S Maria Gerald Rajan, S Saisivam, M Nagarajan

Ketorolac tromethamine ocuserts were prepared using different polymers such as HPMC, PVP, MC and EC at various concentrations. The in vitro release of the drug from the formulations was studied using commercial semi permeable membrane. The physico chemical parameters of ocuserts were evaluated. A zero order release formulation 3 (Drug reservoir with 3% HPMC and 4% EC as rate controlling membrane) was subjected to in vivo studies. The expected zero order release for one day was observed in formulation 3 (Drug reservoir with 4% HPMC and 3% EC as rate controlling membrane).


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