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Design and Optimization of a Novel Method for Extraction of Genistein

Author(s): NT Pandit, VB Patravale

Genistein, an isoflavone, has been demonstrated to promote the health of human beings by reducing the incidence of specific chronic diseases, namely, cancer and atherosclerosis. The present investigation explores a novel method of extraction of genistein from soy source which consists of a bioconversion reaction using fermentation by microorganism namely Streptomyces roseolus NRRL B-5424. In situ bioconversion of genistein glycoside to aglycone was carried out by the microbe. Such methodology has not been reported hitherto. Optimization of upstream and downstream parameters was done for maximum extraction of genistein. Genistein was isolated in a powder form by column chromatography and preparative thin layer chromatography and was characterized using massspectrometry, nuclear magnetic resonance and infrared spectroscopy and its purity determined using high performance liquid chromatography. Genistein was extracted with 91.04% purity and extraction efficiency was 67.01%.

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