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Design Of Antineoplastic Ruthenium Complexes And Their Pharmacological Evaluation

Author(s): U. K Mazumder, Malaya Gupta, M Sur, M. L Vamsi, A Bera, S Bhattacharya

Based on the results obtained from geometry optimization, using molecular mechanics and ZlNDO/1 force fields, of some known antitumor ruthenium compounds we designed five ruthenium chelates and synthesized them. Effects of these compounds on the growth of a transplantable murine tumor and the life span of the hosts are studied. Remarkable decrease in tumor volume and viable ascitic cell count is observed (p<0.0.5). Treatment with the ruthenium compounds prolonged the lifespan of Ehrlich Ascites Carcinoma (EAC) tumor bearing mice. Tumor inhibition by the ruthenium chelates was followed by improvements in hemoglobin, RBC and WBC values. Thus the results suggest that these ruthenium chelates have significant antitumor property against experimental murine tumors and it does not adversely affect the hematological profile of the host.


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