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Determination Of Metoprolol Tartrate By Reverse Phase HPLC

Author(s): K.V Kanna Rao, M.E.B Rao, K.E.V Nagoji, S.S Rao

A simple, precise and accurate reverse phase high performance liquid chromatographic method has been developed for the determination of metoprolol tartrate in pharmaceutical formulations. An ODS C18 (25 cm X 4.6 mm) column from Shimadzu in isocratic mode, with mobile phase acetonitrile:methanol:0.5 % glacial acetic acid in triple distilled water: triethylamine (56:18:26:0.1v/v) was used. The flow rate was 1 ml/min and effluent was monitored at 280 nm. Betaxolol hydrochloride was used as the internal standard. The retention times were 4.6 mm and 5.8 mm for metoprolol tartrate and betaxolol hydrochloride respectively. The linearity range was found to be 0.1-40 μg/ml.


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