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Determination Of Pistacienoic Acids In Pistacla Integerrima Stewart Ex Brandis By HPTLC And HPLC

Author(s): S. K Chauhan, B. P Singh, S Agarwal

Simple and reproducible HPTLC and HPLC methods for the determination of pistacienoic acids in Pistacia integerrima were developed and are described. The HPTLC method involves separation of components by TLC on precoated Silica gel 60 F254 plate with a solvent system of chloroform: methanol (95:05) and detection at 220 nm in absorbance mode. The sensitivity of HPTLC method was found to be 1.0 µg and the linearity was observed in the range of 1.0 µg to 8.0 µg. The HPLC method involves separation of pistacienoic acids using mobile phase comprising of acetonitrile:water:phosphoric acid (80:20:1) and scanning the chromatogram at 220 nm using a photodiode array detector. The response was linear in the range of 1.25 µg to 10.0 µg. The proposed methods being precise and sensitive can be used for detection, monitoring and quantification of pistacienoic acids in P. integerrima.


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