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Determination Of Trace Elements In An Ayurvedic Preparation Using Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer

Author(s): J Bagylakshmi, P Amalnandini, N Jaishri, D Raghupratap, R Manavalan, T. K Ravi

Ayurvedic preparations contain various plant extracts. Plants take up number of mineral elements from various sources and when these plant extracts are used in the final preparation it is likely that some concentration of these elements may be present in the final ayurvedic preparation also. If the concentration of these elements exceeds the recommended value, it leads to toxic effects. Hence in the present study, a widely prescribed ayurvedic preparation used in infants and young children as digestive tonic was selected in order to find the concentration of various trace elements present in that preparation using inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometer.


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